Server suggestions

It’s not a big suprise, but it does seem like AoS is starting to fall out of popularity. I’m not saying end all the servers, but I’m thinking that maybe aloha shouldn’t be running all the servers with no activity. I’m suggesting keeping the popular servers, but, it doesn’t make sense running 40+ servers, when there are at least 25 that barely get activity. I love some of the servers, but several have definitely fallen out of popularity, and many didn’t even get a good start. I’m not saying aloha should move away from AoS completely, but I do think running other game servers would attract more people to the forum.

I’m aware of the work put into all the Ace of Spades gamemodes and maps, and it definitely is saddening to see this happening to a good game. However, the boom years from 2012-2013 are over. Its now 2015. I still can’t believe I’ve been around for 2 years. It felt like only yesterday I joined these forums. What really did scare me though, was when Minit forums died. They were a decently sized community like us, and I would hate to see aloha die. Openining new doors could help keep aloha afloat.

Maybe what we need is good programmers to focus into making “aos 2.0”.

In my opinion people may leave because the game is unable to be updatable. OS is a good start but I am more a fan of the voxel graphics. We should make a list of what we would love to see in a “aos 2.0” type of game and find a way to make it happen.

As for different game servers: might be a good idea if it doesn’t cost us too much money. As for empty aloha servers (unpopular game modes) I would remove them and make more servers that are almost always full (ie babel ,etc).

I agree. I was thinking. If there was someone that was dedicated enough. They could do a “Kickstarter” or “Indiegogo” or whatever the new crowd sourced funding program is out there now. I would be willing to pay $20 for an AOS 2.0 done right. I personally prefer the voxel graphics, but to appeal to more people the game really needs to have both options.

We all want AoS with Minecraft graphics, but this would be a huge undertaking that would take several programmers, several months to get something that would even represent a good beta. I’m not saying give up on AoS, I’m saying try to keep aloha alive.

Personally, I’d opt for a some way to get regular old .75 back into popularity, surely there must be people with trash PCs willing to play it. How did the prejagex AoS spread?

Not really sure how it spread. I think I stumbled onto the old website, but didn’t really get into it until I started playing aloha servers in 2012. Before aloha servers I used to play on the CTF jestservers.

As for designing a new game, that might be an option to look into for a long term solution. Maybe look into better voxel engines if they exist and try to incorporate things into the game that people want.

Minecraft graphics are relatively simple to replicate, all you need to do is render a bunch of cubes in java, or whatever coding language that supports graphics. This is made by making rectangles and connecting them all. Maybe something similar could be replicated for a new voxel game? But I’m suggesting for the time being that maybe aloha should close some of the underpopulated servers, like tennis or digdug, and maybe throw them into a mixed gamemode server.

I know right now we should try everything to keep aloha alive, that is why I said focus on making a new game as a long term solution, which we should at least generate ideas and find a way to make it happen (when we can no longer keep relying solely on 0.75 and openspades). I’ve been looking at other examples of voxel engines and have been slowly making a list of what I would think would be good to incorporate into a new game.

As for servers: these scripts might be useful into making one server that could host unpopular game modes (tennis, diggug, etc)

If a new version was to be made what would it have?

-Should it be free or paid?
-If it was a paid game would could we ban people by a client identification code?

-Toosl for admins?

-Spectation lobby?

-Multi-platform/console support?

-I would like to have the choice of using both voxel graphics and OS graphics

-built-in modding system (chose mods to use both in game and out of game)

-built in voice chat

-support for VR technology like oculus rift


-standardized server software (server scripts can be downloaded from a database?)

-more gun choices | better physics | Classes?


I was thinking you buy the game and servers are free to play.

I was thinking of the new way minecraft will ban people:

If I ban someone on my server, and they change their username, do they stay banned?
Yes, and the same is true for whitelisted or OP'd players. Everything stays the same because the system is using your profile's unique ID instead of the username.

You can change your IP and get a new mc id though. But it costs you $$$ or you steal someone elses account, but yeah it’s a good idea. I just thought it would be nice to have a free server so people can try it out.