Server Suggestion

You guys should open another new server called aloha world. Aloha world should be a global server. Maybe if you make this server it can be really popular. You can make another website called or something. I think it would be a great idea if you guys would open ALOHA WORLD.

not sure what you mean by a global server. more locations around the world?

Yes, i know all servers are already global but i meant like have more actions…

what kind of actions?

like you know a mix of alot of things, you can choose if you want to transform into a zombie like with /zombie or change into a human with /human, and like have more building options like /b 10 witch is a house or something like that. A server with everything that like tops all your other servers…

Like with classes and all that great ideas.

I think that would just be extra baggage and make the server lagggy.

Replying to DeathTheKiller, sorry, but I do not agree with your suggestion, AoS is a fun game, no need to add this to it.