Server Question

I’m wondering when Ace of Spades 1.0 is released(Knowing Jagex it will never be)and OpenGL is implemented, will still run .75 servers(or whatever version it’ll be)? I know it’s a few months from now and all, but I have a comp with a broken graphics card and I really want to keep playing AoS on Aloha for as long as possible :smiley:

I’m pretty sure the servers will be updated as almost everyone is getting sick of 0.75. And I think 1.0 will cost money.

My graphics card currently sucks, but I did buy a new one a while ago so if AoS updates I will just plug 'er on in.

I am not sick of it, I like it…kind of…all it needs is a bit of OCD =D

i thought that Jagex is going to be running all the servers so, that means that aloha will keep .75 or just shut their servers down. (pls correct me if im wrong)

As long as the guys at buildandshoot can get the new master server up, aloha’s most likely staying in 0.75 or 0.76

patty pl0x

We must get them to set up a new master server ASAP!!

I hope they can…