Server Interest?New Map?

If you have any interest in the Crew and Friends server returning to aloha then post here, even if you’d only play a few hours a week.

Historically this is what the server has been like

Pranks weren’t totally off the table. It really depends on the prank and how well you know the person but the general rule was not to be a dick about it.

Teleporting was added but severely limited. One diamond would get you 5 teleports when sold while 2 lapis blocks would get you 1 teleport. If people wanted to take away teleporting all together I wouldn’t care. It makes the game really easy if you know how to get diamonds the fast way. I like the idea of keeping the server closer to vanilla than adding in a bunch of plugins that make take away from whatever difficulty Microsoft hasn’t ruined. We have backpacks and Elytra now so I don’t see a lot of benefit in teleporting. What do you think?

The map that was being used is old. Hundreds of people spent countless hours of time exploring and building over the course of years. It’s come to the point where the map file is obscenely huge and causes problems. We can keep the old map, if that’s what people want. I am of the opinion that a new map after so many updates and so much time is a good idea to boost interest and manage lag. What do you think?

I would like to start fresh on a new map, and have it almost completely vanilla. I hope crew and friends makes a return!

Would it be under new management?

It would be run on aloha’s server machine. The old server was still run by aloha staff but it wasn’t run on the aloha machine. Froe might come back but I can’t speak for him. No clue who would run it or do upkeep. Most of the people with experience aren’t active any more.

Froelich has expressed he does not want to be running a server again. He’d rather enjoy himself. Scipio has been gone for ages, and never did much on the MC server anyways, so that takes care of that option too. It would need to be under new management, and the number of capable people who actually have the time to do that is small. Israellee and Shy can only do so much by themselves, and shy is the one who has the bare basic programming experience needed for MC. The reason the staff doesn’t expand past AoS here has been mentioned enough times: there aren’t enough people interested in moderating and monitoring something that isn’t AoS, because AoS is the #1 focus of this forum.

again, i’m hugely in favor of keeping the original map going for years to come, but as i’ve said many times, we don’t have to do what i want.

a new map is fine, too. or perhaps two servers is the best middle ground; one maintaining the original map, one for a fresh start. either way, we can provide a downloadable archive of the original map for those of you who want a local copy.

i say it might be time for a poll. who wants a new server, who wants just the old. who wants both availiable

I think new map would be good idea, aswell as a way to download the old map.

Just make a new map already.
I like starting fresh knowing everyone else did too

New chunks,fresh start,

Or just make a new spawn point a few hundred million blocks out from the farthest thing built and call that the new server

That way you got the old server in a technically new server

Win win for everyone :slight_smile:

added a poll, results in a week

As I stated before it might be possible to make a second server that the game mode is spectator only with the second map but i’m not sure how that would be affect server load. Could possibly limit server load by turning stuff off, like mobs and plugins?

I wouldn’t mind helping out with the server but we would definitely need more mods depending on how many players we would get to play.

Another question: should we stick with a whitelisted limited number of players or maybe use a “greylist” where people can join but can’t do anything until they are approved. Or no whitelist and anyone can join (which imo atm would be too trouble because of the need for more plugins/admins because of possible hacking/cheating/griefing)

Running a server is technically not that hard but we would need a sysadmin that can be readily available because of the way the aloha machine is set up iirc. The only reason the server kinda died is that after froe “died” we basically couldn’t do anything thing without sysadmin+ ftp access. The gamepanel imo wasn’t very good for minecraft.

Well, it seems like the majority of us want a new map.

A new map is most favorable.

The idea of an original world sticking around forever is a great one, but it’s unrealistic in my opinion. Especially with how the world is right now, having gone through several terrain generation changes, massive explorations, and several patches. And over a hundred players have come and gone. It’d be better to start over, for a new generation to explore, build, etc.

Could as you suggest go multiworld and host the old map as a no-touchy spectator only map, but that can hurt performance I am unsure, and it relies on plugins to do.

Missed the poll but I am in favor of a new map. The old map was fun and I have good memories building on it, but with so many people gone and new faces wanting to play, it seems appropriate to have everyone start anew.

I wouldn’t mind having the old map people spec only, since any building I plan on doing will be on the new map.

Could someone send me the ip again ? I got bored and stopped playing for awhile.

It’s not up yet, you dork.

So we do not yet have an idea on what will happen with this new Minecraft map and server?

We wait. That’s all we will be doing.

Perhaps the old world could be put up, read-only, upon request. If there's a certain bit of architecture there you really liked, maybe some fancy redstone machinery, it'd be nice to go back, take some pics, get some ideas. And if it's just a weekend, or an hour here or there, there's no load.

There was same dang cool stuff there.