Server Idea(s) - Classic

I’ve been playing for almost two years now and the maps have changed a lot since then. For my new server idea I’d like to bring some of those beloved, old maps back.

My idea is to make the server tdm. We already have a ctf server, and personally I think the aloha community would prefer another tdm server.

Maps Included:

Faceoff- A simple, high evelated map. Used to be very common and popular. A map that allows for a lot of building, fog sniping, and strategy.

Bridgewars- Another high elevated map with a bridge connecting both land masses. Fight below or above the bridge for fun, stealthy action, or sneakily swim across to catch your enemies off guard

Paradise- A jungle like terrain. Remembered for it’s large, bushy trees. Was popular on Sham’s Little Pony.

Normandy- A famous map by Influx. If you don’t know Normandie, I feel bad for you son. I got 99 problems but map taste aint one.

There are just a few of the maps I’d like to see into this new server idea. They’re hosted rarely, if at all, and were very popular back in the day. Feel free to suggest some you’d like to see in this server as well, considering it’s to ever make it on the server list!

(I’d make a poll, but because I’m Zeke, I can’t find it)

Faceoff was the first map I played here at aloha. I would love to see it make a comeback. Same with bridgewars, I loved both of those maps.

Good idea, but keep pyspades out. Also, I think we should slap holes or some other maps in there.

I would like DiedeAnticBridge back.I’ve played for a long time with that map until 0.75 came out and it slowly faded away into the darkness.I would also want Classic Gen on Babel because I think it would add extra fun.

i do miss faceoff. that map wasn’t designed with objectives in mind so tdm would be fine for it.

realisticbridge on a short timer (20 mins?) seems like a good idea to me.

I want some GH 3 maps <3

I agree with everything said, especially Faceoff. Haven’t played Faceoff in so long.

Also Normandie. Whatever happened to that?

These other bridge maps people keep mentioning don’t ring a bell. If anyone would like to post a picture that’d be nice. Don’t think any of them were on the map archive.


That’s another map I had in mind. I see it around occasionally, so I didn’t put it down in my thread. I’ll be sure to add it since there’s interest.

We need pyspades. That’s how we have so much more admin control and such. When I say “Classic” I’m referring to the maps. Holes is another map that comes to mind, but if I’m correct it’s in the babel rotation. I’d like most of the maps to be ones aloha no longer uses at all for any server. If more people like the idea of adding Holes I’d see why not.

Zeke, Pyspades is a map as well. Basically full of water and tiny-ass islands.

Reki Im pretty sure Normandie was in the TDM rotation.

Put Normandie in and I might instinctively come and destroy your server farm in Mr. Hyde form.

Yes Normandie should be in there. I loved playing that map.


I just don’t like normandie.

So, on topic: We still don’t know what izzy thinks of the server since I’m pretty sure he is the main server guy. We need to get his opinion.

Well, good news everyone! Izzy is going to introduce a 24/7 faceoff server! I’m not sure when it’ll be up, but expect it soon. Hope to see you there!

Best map ever. Well played izzy!

Yes!! I love Faceoff ;D

24/7 faceoff server running tdm at aos://1379434439:50887

look for tdm 24/7 faceoff at

thanks for the suggestion Zeke!