[SCRIPT] Pubovl.py, Hidden Spectators for pique

PubOVL for piqueserver

this pique script allows you to spectate players without their knowledge.
updated :
this now works for all clients!!! Thank u so much DryByte (DryByte (sByte) · GitHub) for fixing the script <3

command and explanation


  • /pubovl <optional: playername or playerid>
    turn pubovl on or off for urself. specify a player if u want to use it on them instead.
  • u can replace /pubovl with the shorter version /ovl

this tool tricks ur client into joining u as a spectator while u r actually not. Noone else on the server can see that you r a spectator. Its only on ur side. You can now spectate cheaters without them knowing that u r spectating them.


  • /exovl <IP of player>
    turn exovl on for the player with the specified IP address.

this tool lets u spectate while not actually joined to the game.
“limbo” is the so called state where u r connected to the server, but havent joined any team yet. its most defining characteristic is the birds-eye view from which u can watch the game while the “select team and weapon menu” is shown.
using this command tricks ur client into joining u as a spectator during this state.
since u havent spawned yet and dont show up on the scoreboard at all, u r completely invisible to everyone else.
in that sense it is sometimes superior to the regular PubOVL as it almost doesnt
leave any traces that even suggest ur existence on the server to the cheaters.

demonstration videos

demonstration of pubovl:

demonstration of externalovl:

optimised pubovl.py Clients

use the clients from this topic: