Screw Winter

Dad wrecked the SUV this morning in an ice storm…trying to get our tree for christmas. We’re alright…but it was scary mate…

Oh wow, atleast there is snow over there, right :D?
I have never touched snow, and in this winter it is only rain and clouds, I hate this kinda weather >.>

Aw well, at least you got good ol’ dishonorable scumbag car insurance providers

This is how snow feels: ITS FUCKING COLD

It snowed here last week, not much, but i went out with my little sister and was playing in snow, it was awesome feeling…
then, two days after the snow was gone… I hope there will be white snowy Christmas again like last year.

Good thing its 24 C here.

I’d rather have snow for xmas than tropical weather

omfg you luckyyyyy butt, we never had snow here. i usually go to places that have snooooowww. :c

oh and cold is WAY better than hot.

everyone ignored the fact I coulda gotten fucked up or killed. SO OPTIMISTIC GUYS :smiley:

:o Glad your alive Monsta! That has happened to me before…scared the hell out of me. Can’t say it was in the snow, but mine was a rollover accident, on a highway!

Cold, at least you can huddle up in your blanket or in your coat. Hot? You can’t do much about that.

I’d trade the dutch winter for something hot and tropical without hesitation. Fuck the cold.

We have weeks without proper sunlight here, every day is grey, cold, windy and rainy.

As a result, my hands swell up, start to itch or become white of the lack of blood. Other times they’re all dry and chapped. Useless.
My energylevels drain till the level that I dont want to get out of bed at all or get nothing done. My vitamin D levels drop to a new low every winter.

Meh. I wish I could just go to sleep in my cave and wake up again in springtime.

Wtf are you guys talking about Invierno is awesome

But yes the cold sucks really badly

Drebble is 100% bear, that explains everything. :stuck_out_tongue: