RIP Monster

I tend to keep personal life off of Aloha due to past issues with it, but this one is something that deserves to be here. Something I never would have expected so soon has happened. My namesake for my username has died. Monster was put to sleep on Wednesday, July 26th after having a very long battle with multiple health problems. Sometimes you just cannot be superman. No he is not dead in this picture, but you can see how skinny he was, and how much pain he was in. to give you an idea of how little he weighed, he went from 15 pounds in June, to 7.5 just before he died on Wednesday.

Rest in peace Monster: 05/06/2002 – 07/25/2017

That’s so sad.

Poor little kitty. My condolences.

Im sorry for your loss. I hope he was able to go calmly.

Rest in peace, Monster.

I don’t own any pets, but it’s sad to see our loved ones leave us. Rest in Peace Monster, I’m sorry for your loss.