RIP Mazy

I found out she died earlier this evening…I’m never going to be the same. She was my only reminder of my dog Max who died…MY HEART WAS JUST RIPPED OUT OF ME!

I’m sorry to hear about that Monsta… My family just lost our pet a week ago. I know how much it sucks. :frowning:

I hope you get better monsta, and I bet she would too

Bet she had a good time with your family when she was alive Monsta. RIP

Today We rest Down Dis Dog. Lorde To Jesus. We Was Ruv Dis Doge Foreva

That sucks. :frowning:

Thank you for the people who posted.

Well I’m really sad, from June 2012 I had two pet rats, two weeks before Christmas, me and my families favourite, Joe, died. I was devastated, but i knew it was coming because he was sick, so I kept my distance so as not to be too sad. It was gut-wrenchingly painful to see him struggle for oxygen. On Monday my other rat, Jerry, fell ill. It wasn’t meant to be fatal. At 2:03 my mum walked into my room, where he was quarantined. He was dead. It is now 2:10. Joe died while everyone was there, Jerry was alone and cold in my room. It was so sudden. I just don’t know what to say…

Something about humans is that we never get used to death even though it happens all around us. Such a big flaw on our part.

Also, sorry for your dog, Monsta, and for your pet, Peanut.


OMFG my puppy is named Maximus but we call him Max. o;

& awww get a new dog o:


ok well you’ll still have memories. just make new ones, with a new dog, lol.

The best solution would be to give your next dog a potion of immortality
But for that you need a dragons claw,and some string, and a squirrel.

But really, you shouldnt get another dog, unless you REALLY feel lonely.

I have a new rat :slight_smile:

What is it’s name? You had Joe, Jerry, and… another “J”?

inb4 John

inb4 Joe the 2nd

RIP chicken.