RIP Drew

RIP Andrew Gurgitano. This is someone I went to elementary school with. He died last week from “high blood pressure”. Not sure how that happened, but its upsetting to me, seeing as I knew who he was. I haven’t seen him in 5 years, so I’m unaware of how he had been doing, but this is definitely a saddening thing to hear, and its always upsetting when a kid almost out of high school dies.

The good die young…

Although the good also dies old.

Anyways, sorry to hear that.

Darn, sorry to hear that.

Oh damn… I know how that feels :C loosing people you like is very upsetting :/. Btw I thought this was about Jdrew xD

Jdrew is a moron

Is Jdrew a she or a he? Lol a moron? I dont agree :&