Hello my fellow friends, admins, guards, and community members, I have come here to declare something important.

I am leaving the community of Ace of Spades. I know I have said this before, many times, I wanted too to, but I had people, friends. I really quit the game a bit… So I’m going to leave for a while, a month or two. Flerikko, you can keep in touch with me via ROBLOX, I won’t let you down, since I am your teams main I will come. Man, this is hard but I have too. Summer break is near and I’ll be in the community for 1/2 of it. Who knows, I might never come back. 80/100% chance of me coming back. If your wondering why, it’s because I’m having harder classes, more work, less time, and sadly, my cousin has died.

Thank you all for reading, I look forward to meeting you all in the future.
Good bye for now… I guess…

Ok no problem dude! :smiley: I wont let you down too!!


Thanks for the quick response.

;D :wink: ;D :wink: ;D

Thanks for the free bump.

;D :wink:

Aw, one less person to post there…
Anyway, good luck on everything!

Cya around Ace.

My condolences about your cousin, Ace. I hope he lived a happy life and that he’s in a better place now.

Good luck with your future Ace and come back to us soon. :slight_smile:

Poor cousin. D:
Anyway, good luck with all that stuff and hope that you will come back soon. :smiley:

No smileys, things gone serious, and may your Cousin Rest in Peice. And may i ask what your cousin’s will is? I might help him acheive it.

He never told me, he was one of those ‘silent’ people.
Thank you all.

Wink* ;D

:smiley: ;D

Come back soon tho. Good luck