Requesting the addition of Titanic map

BuffetofLies recently released the Titanic map, and sad to say, no servers he and I know of use it. So I told him I will ask izzy to add it and here I am.

Here’s the link:

I would love this! I played with it on private server and I love it!

actually we (Aloha) had that map in last team standing rotation but you could hardly finish a game due to the size and camping spots. I am not sure why actually it was removed but im sure there were reasons.

We could add it as CTF.

we tried it on arena and like Bucket said the rounds would get drawn out way too long, usually the timer would end before a team could win. it’s still on the server so we can set it to the next map every now and then but considering how many people requested to change the map away from it during the last test i say it’s not ready to be added to the rotation.

ctf? maybe but you know the ship will be the first target for griefers. personally i prefer fuller-sized maps that support tunneling when it comes to ctf gameplay.

Buffet_Of_Lies said that it’s “ungriefable”. I don’t know how accurate this statement is, but it could be true (because of the size of the ship).

Lol, I forgot to tell you guys that. He’s just imitating how people said the real Titanic was unsinkable.

I think it would be cool on TOW.

It’s ashamed that it’s so beautiful yet it won’t be good in arena or CTF. :-\

As I said TOW.

too much water for TOW, command posts will spawn in the water if there’s not enough land. there would be a lot of water camping and no cover for spawning players…

We should set a date where all registerd users in Aloha play it as CTF, that way griefing isn’t an issue.

That would be cool! I’d love to do a “get together” sort of thing.

Ya me to!

BTW I got PXYC to change the Arena mode map to Titanic, I had to quit the server though cause of a glitch.

Water damage on? It would make sense there be icebergs.

Icebergs don’t damage you, the freezing water does -_-

You silly goose,the existence of icebergs being in the water is just proving that the water is cold enough to sustain ice.
Therefore (proposition) water damage, (reason) hypothermia, (proof) Icebergs

If there isn’t icebergs, Serious_Sim is working on them according to BuffetofLies. We need izzy to host the server to Aloha users. (exception of Anus and Dark).

Now you’re talking like a DIRECTV commercial.

Your argument is that, given:
Water damage implies hypothermia.
Icebergs imply cold water.
Cold water implies hypothermia.
Water damage.
Therefore, icebergs.

We can conjoin the second and third statements to conclude:
Water damage implies hypothermia.
Icebergs imply hypothermia.
Water damage.
Therefore, icebergs.

Now we use the first and third statements to further conclude:
Icebergs imply hypothermia.
Therefore, icebergs.

This is fallacy of the form “affirming the consequent”.
Just because P implies Q and Q is true, does not necessarily mean P is true.

Bro, no need to go into logical reasoning. YOU sound like an supernerd who just overkilled the entire argument. Let me explain what Reki said in English:

If today is sunny and hot, then it is summer.
It is summer.
Therefore, it is sunny and hot.

Now wait a sec, if today is sunny and hot, it doesn’t neccessarilu mean its summer, it could be spring and hot and sunny. Therefore, a hot and sunny day doesnt imply it’s summer, it could be winter too!