Remember the Fallen: June 6th, 1944

Today…70 years ago…marks the anniversary of the biggest seaborne operation ever conducted. My great grandfather landed on the beach at 7:20 in one of the landing crafts. Through all odds, he scaled the cliff, fought his way behind enemy lines, and made a stand with the rest of the 130 rangers. He was one of the few of the rangers who survived while barely injured.

As for several other soldiers, they were not as lucky, and they drowned, or died at the hands of enemy gunfire…or by getting hurled off the Pointe by German soldiers fighting to the last breath. Several of the young soldiers never even made it to the beach, much less off the LCA. Today is a day we need to remember the sacrafices that the soldiers made to stop Hitler, and his third reich, which left undisturbed would have destroyed the entire planet.