[RELEASED] The Semi-AWPtomatic

good mod

like it looks kind of slow and like he’s trying to delicately put the mag into the gun. I would like to see him put a lot of force when reloading like your smg mod :slight_smile:

Ahh, gotcha. I’ll see if I can fit it in.

Another update, I guess.

Tap Rack Bang :3

Also this reload anim shows more the gun which looks awesome
The Gunshot sounds like the Ace From Unturned, Am i the only one thinking that?

Haha! Now that’s an excellent reload anim! Great job!! :slight_smile:

Bumping for first release:

looks good but who uses os anymore you noobs :wink:

No u noob

The real message:

IGN: Shywolf91
Date: 6/4/2016
Offence: Forgery
Evidence: the quote above
What we should do: 4 years in dungeon with Ogres calling him a noob of prison or revoke adminship.

The gun looks really small in 3rd person.
the aim down sight anim will get a bit dizzy with time i feel like.

that’s my main 2 dowpoints of the mod. other then that, it’s Epic

1 thing i’m wondering, kill feed mention? why isn’t there one?

How does this scope animation look?

I’ve also increase the third-person size of the gun:

Any bigger and OpenSpades refuses to render it at certain angles.

As for the killfeed mention: do you mean the icon that appears when you kill someone with the rifle?

that Animation is WAAAAY better then the epileptic one

For the size in 3rd person, i understand It just seemed a bit smaller then it should really be since when you have it in 1st person it looks kinda massive.

for the kill feed mention, yes where is that little icon when you kill someone with the Rifle? (even tho that with that you should moslty do headshots :wink: )

Yeah. I updated the download links. It should be OK now.

Thx u’re Awesome :slight_smile:
Also, you know the same thing that happened to the SMG will happen to that rifle right?

?? tell me about it. What happens?

Pink paint inbound

Now that zoom anim is nicer <3 Gj :slight_smile:
Twoday, so you mean the killfeed icons don’t appear when you use his mod?