Really? Ban by hacker? God!

Friends , because whenever the user (H1Z1) votekick makes me without me being hacker ?. normally kill 4 smg of headshoot and gives me ban for “hack " Man I 'm sick of always ban this idiot -.-”. I’ve never used hack nor will use throughout my journey through the game

I looked into it. It seems he has a habit of doing it, and as long as you follow aloha’s rules you have nothing to fear. Ask him to stop doing it next time. (If he continues to do it find me and ill look into a more administrative action.) (If you ever get wrongfully kicked feel free to hop on the irc and ask someone to undo the votekick (If anyone is online, keep in mind please that wether the votekick is undone is by admin discretion) (Usually if it is a really stupid reason such as nothing that has to do with rule breaking, it will most likely be lifted[Whenever I’m online I undo bad votekicks when I see them go through, or I cancel them]). Back to my original point, if its the same player who keeps vote-kicking you, just private message me. Votekicks are not that bad, just wait them out. (I don’t know how close the votekicks by the player H1Z1 have gotten so please excuse me on that)

Really? Here is a picture , it seems that only has me …

Just to let you know. When you paste the screenshot into the program paint. If you hit the “crop” button at the top it gets rid of that white space. Also, if you save in the .png format it doesn’t compress the image at all, so it’s much more crisp. :slight_smile:

Not needed (In reply to Torches message, again this is not a free for all “post in this thread” Thats something that should be pmmed )

For Phoenix

Phoenix, I looked at the logs, and I can see that has been votekicking you. What I am saying is if he continues to do this let me know.

Apologies, you can clean up these two posts if you want.