Re: Ban Appleal, I appologize if this is in the wrong place

[b]hi i’am funnycube or Funnycube {~_~} on ace of spades

and i’m very sorry what i have done with all my heart

this reply is to try to help me get unbanned this will mean alot to me

ps you do great sevrs keep up the good work

from Funnycube {~_~}[/b]

I’ve seen you on Fr. team dsb before it was removed.

Funnycube, Im sure you are sorry for what you did, but no one knows anything about your circumstance. Please give more info like what server you were on and what day would be good for starters. Maybe include what you did and why ?

funnycube plays Pinpoint, and pretty much griefs every time I’ve seen him on.