Razer64 needs permanet ban

Razer64 uses aimbot freely and needs to be banned from the server because no one will votekick him. And when I say banned, I mean permanently banned. No coming back, and placed on the global ban list. Once an aimbotter, always an aimbotter.

I absolutely agree with that, I think that people using aimbot should not get a second chance on that server.
I think it is a bit drastic to permaban someone from all servers for aimbot once, but from one server is a good idea… there are WAY too many aimbotters out there, and
more moderation + more severe punishments = less aimbotters = :smiley:

Aimbotters need Global perma ban because once they aimbot once, they do it again and again and again. There is no way known of stopping them. And while it seems harsh, it might just be harsh enough. If they want to make an appeal, then they can appeal. It will be up to the servers to remove him from their ban list.

Report glitchers, hackers, and greifers there.

That’s for Ace of Spades, What about other games?

Pretty sure he’s talking about AoS.