Rauz, ban appeal

Hi, i’ve been playing in your server for almost 2 years now (I think), and i’d never have any problem until a couple of week ago, since then every time i try to play in one of your server as soon as i connect i get kicked, i literally move a bit, don’t even get to kill anyone and immediatelly get kicked, i’ve never cheated or been toxic so i don’t know why this happens, after i try to connect then it tells me i’ve been banned, this happens everyday.

My ingame name is Rauz, and i mostly play tower of babel (where i always get banned)

Like i said before, i have no idea why i get banned every day without getting to play more then a few seconds.

I think i should be unbanned because i’ve never cheated or insulted anyone, i always answer the questions of those new to the game and i’ve been playing in your servers for years.

I get banned every time i log in in one of your servers. the ban expires the next day and then i get kicked and banned once again.
Please i would really like to be able to play again, i love this game.

Your banning admin has been notified.

Okay after reviewing the evidence we decided to unban you.

Also a word of warning the bans did not expire the next day and you were evading. The best action to take if this ever happens again is to contact an admin ASAP.

It still says i’m banned, how long will it be until i can play again?

We undid the ban so you should be able to play. If this continues to happen go on to the #aloha irc and get help from an admin who is on by using !highlight.

ok, thanks.