Rate the user above you how famous is he or she on Aloha.pk

This is a forum game. Just rate the person above by using 1-10. Also say why he or she is that famous
1.Don’t rate them bad and have a bad description because you don’t like them.

2.Only use 1-10

3.Don’t rate yourself

hismom - 3

why - was banned for griefing, lives in the talk thread

9: Famous, and yet… infamous :stuck_out_tongue:

1, who is he? :o?

what are you talking about?

I already rated you hismom.

1-3 k?

1-sorry, first time I ever see you here, lol.

Cpt. Derp, I’m well known and famous but infamous. You can’t rate me a 3 unless you are really new.
Chase US - 10. Famous admin, has come to my aid occasionally when I come across hackers…

8 = seems like a nice guy even though I don’t see him in game.

averagePizza = 6.5

Gaming - 8.2

doss = 7.314


get rekt


Chase: 7, Well known and respected.


Pokefan-3 He won the worst aloha.pk award