Rap Battle!

Title explains it all!
Heres one that I made based on CoD ghosts:
Odin to ground control… We’re being attacked by some federation and a-holes. There using our weapons against us. Going down in our country defenceless! Me and my brother get rescued by our dad. He was a soldier but had never seen shit get this bad. The whole worlds at war Americas collapsed! You guys know me as dad but I’m the number one ghost ever since you were baby’s ive been slicin there throats so put on some masks so we can find our x partnah and shoot his a$$! The U.S. federation made us hurt, we happened to meet some ghosts at Ajax… Shoot like a ghost shoot like a ghost fight like a ghost fight like a ghost launch like a ghost launch like a gho ost. We find our ex partner and bring him in our plane, but somehow he escaped did he learn that from Bane? we decide to go fight the Navy distract and break the ice that we need to fight on aight, but stop at Vegas first! Stab like a ghost stab like a ghost shoot like a ghost shoot like a ghost move move like a ghost strobe like a ghost strobe like a gho ost! after you left me to save your other guys I like to shoot him in the chest right in fron of your eyes! Come on your dads dead! Shut the fuck up, can’t you see Riley’s been shot? It’s ok boy, we’ll get you outta here. Riley the dog gets up and chews the ex partners neck Float like a ghost float like a gho

Hey m8 ur not just any ol chap there’s nothin in dat head of urs just a big ok gap.
I’m going to smack you in the face with a mace because you are a disgrace to the human race!
Anyone dare to challenge meh?

I don’t understand which part is Call Of Duty.
The above one or below. :stuck_out_tongue: