[RANKING]top five best players in your opinion

STATE UR TOP 5 best/pro/skilled players here the one with majority votes will get potato
oh and you could mention why you chose him/her and even rate them
by default
1st-5 points
2nd-4 points
3rd-3 points
4th-2 points
5th-1 points

  1. israelleelll
  2. israelleelll
  3. israelleelll
  4. israelleelll
  5. israelleelll


More like Egocalyptic

  1. obed-X_x
  2. israelleellll
  3. swish
  4. francis
  5. WEE_GEE
  1. izzy
  2. Korakoff
  3. Spring
  4. Froelich131
  5. topo

Wut r u a copy cat ninja?

Don’t know what you’re talking about.

  1. Me
  2. Links
  3. Carnage
  4. Me
  5. Everyone from INV (ye fuk u jux)

Grunge is somewhere in top 50 lel :smiley:

  1. MuffinTastic
  2. MuffinTastic
  3. MuffinTastic
  4. MuffinTastic
  5. MuffinTastic

I thought you would say something more humorous like… “No, but I’m someone who will hand you over a two day ban for not insulting an admin. Good day Ace

Isn’t if obvious Kushel ? :wink:

  1. Hacker using everything
  2. Aimbotter
  3. ESP User
  4. Multi-Bullet User
  5. Rapid User

I don’t know man, I’ve faced some pretty terrible hackers.

I thought rapid hack was just some arbitrary name for hacks in general when the server detects something suspicious and kicks.

rapid hack is basically “oh you’re breaking blocks too quickly” kicks

Wait, but people on arena get rapid kicked…

also if you use multibullet too fast. as i recall, the servers “”“allow”"" multiple bullets up to a point to prevent kicking just because someone had a lagspike and was using smg, for example

Guys I think the topic is “five best players in your opinion” not “five best hacks in your opinion” :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Morphman (cover is 100% useless against him. doesnt play anymore tho :/)
  2. chpE
  3. Jigsaw
  4. face
  5. MuffinTastic :v