Random question of a day 2

Another one.

If you had a supa-powah, what would it be?


A super power to pay the electricity bills for free.

To become a mutant levitaing catgirl (or boy)

Flerriko that power is silly. You can have a much better power like shapeshifting.

Lol that was just a joke, Miss Kiki. What powers I really want is the power to control portals.
I would do all the stuff I can in this video, except the activity done in 2:00

Imagine if there were portal guns in AoS.



You can be someone else for 1 whole day. Who would it be?

I would be myself to see what’s it like to be in my own shoes for a change.

I guess Miss Kiki is already the best person to be.

This servile flattery does not work against me, Mr. Flerikko.

That, m’lady, is not flattery, for I am only respecting you.

As someone with exceptional skill in flattery and servility, I can assure you that saying I am the best person to be is not respecting my basic human right to flaws and mistakes and failures.

Mr. Flerikko, if there was anyone you could be for a whole day I suggest you also be yourself and view what it’s like to be you in your own shoes.

Miss Kiki, this is a compliment. You need to think deeper and be calm, my friend.

EDIT: Not everything is litteral.

While I agree that it is indeed a compliment of even large magnitude, it is not something that I deserve.

Your compliments come in the form of a double-edged sword (that is, has good and bad) and therefore I can not accept them.

If you can infer, compliments are simple forms of appreciation of one for the other. Everyone deserves to be accepted by others, do they not? Accept what Fate has bestowed uppon us, for it won’t change no matter what we do.

inb4 the war has started