1. No I was not votekicked and was never specified in a votekick at the time.
  2. TheHunter
  3. aloha.pk infiltration
  4. Either it was a joke or cuz i was too good.I wasnt at the top of the leaderboards though.Also admin did a /kill on me.So probably they thought i was aimbotting?
  5. I love these servers and the amount of strategy and murder. This is my favorite group of servers. All the other servers all nothin compared to this and i dont cheat. I have no idea what that guy was thinkin. I love this game.
  6. About 6:15 pm on September 22.

It’s a permaban for aimbotting. You were looking at players through walls.

How was i lookin thru walls?
I just pop up via the stairs and nearly poop mah pants when some1 jumps out.
Plus the fact that u did /kill freaked me out more.