1. I did wait 30 minutes, even more than that. The person who informed me of the imminent ban also said I should appeal it on aloha.pk, here.

  2. Name’s “r1ngt0ne”.

  3. I got banned on “Tower of Babel”.

  4. I used a hacked client. I was caught noclipping around somebody for “spooks”. I also used aimbotting and esp for an advantage 2 days prior on the same server.

  5. I don’t think I should be unbanned, but if I do get unbanned, I would be very thankful. I am going to delete my hacked client and never use it again, not on aloha or any other server. Hacking was not a necessity, it was a curiosity that I satisfied and that has led me to this situation. My gameplay does not require any “illegal” third-party assistance, I want to become part of the community and look back on what I did as something bad, discouraging others from doing the same.

  6. I was banned today, 29th of April, at around 11-13PM Eastern European Time.

Hello r1ngt0ne,

thank you for coming here and admitting to your wrongdoing. The aloha community generally believes in giving second chances to players who have done something wrong and therefore I am unbanning you. Keep in mind that you will not be given another chance if you are caught using hacks again.
If you run into any issues when trying to join on of the servers, let me know.
Have fun!