[R]Fenrir (Pure_Dark) Ban appeal

Hey,I Am Fenrir I got banned like 2 years ago by i dont know what maybe a admin all i know that could be suspect is that when i was connecting all my powers from yesterday was still there so if its it its a bug of programming if its not that then i dont know why All i can say is that i was playing then i got kicked and now its stills say Banned when i try to enter the server :confused: please UnBan me
All i can say is that im a good builder and i got alot of ideas so Bye! Please Watch this and look if u can help me out!
Because now when my friends ask: hey lets go play aos?
I say yes then they say lets go to aloha.pk blockpower and they say they love that server but i say i cant im banned:/ :’(

Hello Pure_Dark971. If you could please read these directions → http://aloha.pk/index.php?topic=762.0 and fill out the template, that would be great. Best of luck.

As for the ban two years ago I can’t find it so unless another admin finds it your free to play. There’s no ban on your current ip, nor any of the names you provided. Unless a ban is found your off the hook. Mind you, a bk can overrule this at anytime if warranted or the original ban is found [It won’t be considered evasion due to there being no ban found mind you if it is found and a new one is instituted attempts at evasion will count as evasion.]. Stay free of hacks live long and hack no more.

It seems that you can play, as to me looks, you logged after you posted this. If any, you only were sucessfully votekicked from some servers, but this votekick ban last only 30 minutes, so don’t worry, you are free to play.

By the way i cant get in the game it still says banned …

Which server are you trying to get on? Link it here if you can.

Im trying to join aloha.pk blockpower but it says banned

Does only on blockpower? or it’s also all servers?

Can someone if you get the time check for a rangeban?

No, he’s not in a range ban. He joined babel today at 19:21 (GMT-5).
I have found a problem with blockpower server, so my guess is that you only can’t join this server, since you could join babel today

Wait Whaaaaaaat!!!
I knew that i was excluded from blockpower only but i also knew that i was able to join all others servers