Questions for people read my thread

Okay, for everyone read my thread, i have some questions

  1. Can some of the moderators, admins or someone can make a ban list?

  2. Does have Minecraft servers?

  3. Does anyone have Steam and playing AoS on Steam?

Answer please.


  1. this is the wrong forum.
  2. this is the wrong forum
  3. this isn’t steam.

Requesting topic is moved to a more appropriate forum.

topic moved.

  1. We have banlists, and they are for staff only.
  2. A public minecraft-server is in the making. Just check the frontpage regularly and you’ll see when it’s open.
  3. I do, played it once and intend to never play it again.

I know this isn’t Steam, but what is “this is the wrong forum” ?
Topic moved? i didn’t understand because i’m not good posting threads at forums.

u must have posted it in the wrong forum(there are different forums for everything)

Yeah, i understand now, i’ve posted this forum on ban appeals before this topic is moved.

And i have other questions:

  1. What is the Minecraft version of the Aloha Minecraft server? 1.5.2 ? 1.6 ?
  2. I was banned on a Aloha server. I didn’t know how long they gonna ban me. And how i’m gonna unban myself?
  1. 1.6, but that doesn’t matter to you since the server isn’t even open yet.
  2. its still open