Probleem I

Hey, i just got banned at around 15:00 13-8-2016, on tower of babel.

The reason for the ban was not specified, but i think that the admin tought i was hacking because i had a nice spree going on. this is not the first time someone wrongfully banned me.

I think i should be unbanned because i did nothing wrong and if you guys want i can install recording software to record my games, in that manner i have proof im not using hacks.

if you guys decide to not unban me, please be kind enough to leave a reply to let me know.

Greetings from the probleem.

Hello Probleem I, I am the guard who banned you.

I was on Babel this morning when I witnessed you using suspected aimbot and ESP. I private messaged you some more details, but you will automatically be unbanned in 6 hours.

Another player was suspicious of you as well:

[15:29:08] he was suspicious as dicks dude

I do not have any video evidence like I usually would because I did not have my recorder set up at the time. For that, it is my bad.

I was fairly certain you were using aimbot and ESP, so if you were I suggest that you remove your hacks from your computer. If you were not hacking, I am sorry for the inconvenience.

I saw the recorded proof by kuunikal
didn’t see any suspect
the player wasn’t hacking

I asked an administrator to unban you. You can play again! Once again, that was totally my mistake and I am sorry.

Have fun!