"Prepare yourselves for the best Minecraft starter base in history!" FLUNK32 tours his GOD TIER STARTER BASE, complete with his custom gondola system on our AlohaCraft Minecraft server

entertaining start to finish. 10/10 would watch again and subscribe a second time if i could. good job @FerrariFlunker :clap:

What is AlohaCraft?

  • Our community’s custom Minecraft server courtesy of @shywolf91 and maintained by our MC Staff. Learn more about it in the AlohaCraft category.

How to play AlohaCraft?

  • All the info you need is :notes: only one click away :musical_keyboard: it’ll be there to save the day :musical_note: Superman got nothing on it :microphone: it’s only one click away :notes: in the AlohaCraft General Information topic! :pick: :partying_face:


Damn, that FLUNK32 guy made a cool vid. :laughing:

Thanks for the frontpage post!


What a beautiful voice that boy has! :heart_eyes:

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