AlohaCraft General Information

AlohaCraft General Information

Useful Information

The AlohaCraft server has a set list of rules, which can be read here.

This server is whitelisted, which means you need to apply to be granted access to play. You can apply here.

AlohaCraft has a dynmap! Click here to view the world, player’s builds, and current state of the server.

AlohaCraft server address:
AlohaCraft Bedrock proxy:

Version: 1.19.x

You can play on this server using the Bedrock OR Java Edition of Minecraft.

We use the forum and the Discord for all server communication. Sharing progress, suggestions, etc are all welcomed in these areas!

As can be seen on the dynmap, the area highlighted in red is reserved for the server’s “shopping district”! Build fun shops to sell your items or services to rake in the diamonds, but don’t build your base in this area!

Useful Commands

/dmarker add [name] - creates a marker on the dynmap. Please only make these for your base or important locations, don’t spam them.

/dmarker delete[marker_name] - removes specified dynmap marker

/sethome [home_name] - sets home location where you’re standing. Limited to 1 per player.

/delhome [home_name] - deletes the specified home.

/home - immediately teleports you home.

/spawn - immediately teleports you to spawn.

/suicide - self explanatory.

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