Power Abuse of FaZe

I have a problem with the moderator FaZe

He muted me for no reason. He teleported me to the corner of the map in pinpoint and mad me lose my 22 kill streak =(… He also disabled me from building…


  1. I muted you because you were spamming me with very rude comments
  2. I teleported you into the water because you were purposely standing in front of my shots, and trapping me in blocks
  3. I disabled your ability to build because, as I said, you were trapping me in blocks

Abusing power is for shmucks. I don’t do anything without a reason.

-Have a nice day!

hes a ban evader anyhow hes permabanned again so if he comes back notify a admin immediately and have him re banned

Hey, you’re “WhoCareS?”. I’m pretty sure I permabanned you for being rude AND aimbotting, so no, this isn’t “power abuse”, this is an admin doing his job. If he banned you, I’d say he’s doing a pretty good job.

I don’t aimbot O.o

Permabanned? I have never been permabanned before oh well…


Don’t forget griefing. I distinctly remember warning you that griefing will result in a ban, and you saying (paraphrased) “Oh well, I’ll just evade it. Brb, changing IP address.” (Happened on July 13th)

I also had to mute whocares in pinpoint for causing lots of trouble and filling up chat.

Why would you make a ban appeal everyone knows you were permabanned…

Well I managed to play lol I am playing in pinpoint right now!! =D

I’m taking down green’s tower XD

Will I be unbanned?

Remember me, Whocares? :stuck_out_tongue:
I remember when you kept saying in the chat that you make hacks and you even wanted to give me a link to one of your hacks.
And don’t deny it, I’ve got 2 pictures to prove it. :smiley:

i thought you said you were unbanned and that you were playing who cares… ??? a few posts ago you mentioned taking down greens tower.

Well, looks like a CIDR ban may be necessary. I doubt you’ve heard of that, though, WhoCareS. All you really know is to use an aimbot that someone else created and change your IP by pressing a button on your router (MAGIC)! Keep skiddin’ along, you’ll do fine (until you’re asked to do something that requires actual knowledge).

Well PXYC I dont use an aimbot O.o

All I do is change IP and keep playing… Is there anyway I can be unbanned ??? I don’t want to keep changin ips -.-
Another thing CHASE I don’t hack make hacks XD I only made 1 it enables you to fly and shoot while playing kinda like being in spectator but you can chat, shoot, and throw grenades.

Ban evading is against the rules so changing your IP is not going to get you unbanned at all. Since you don’t seem to understand this, PXYC is suggesting a CIDR ban which will negate your IP changing.

THATS FUNNY havent seen you around. if you can play you must not be banned so theres no need in going through the trouble of unbanning someone whos not banned in the first place right??

That’s true Mojo.
He doesn’t care about this game if he is talkin trash. He should just be left and play a different game like Minecraft and that all over again.

I rest my case.

That’s because I am playing on an alt.

like i said theres no use in appealing if you can get on right??