Post funny stuff you have seen in the forums or ingame

Okay so last year i was playing openspades with Frogg_Eater’s AWP and Muffin,one of the admins come in,so i said hi,then he said hi.I said what mods do you have,but i didnt remember what mods didnt he have at the time,or ever.I said i have an AWP.Then he told me that the AWP(in AOS)has a graphical goitch that lets you see through walls.But i was at openspades,then i said a lie that it was 1.5 blocks or something like that because the aos glitch only occurs on 2.5 blocks.Then a year later,this year.On January,i came across a ban appeal that was about Jigsaw.He said he was using an AWP that was too long on AOS bout 2.5 blocks or longer.Then i realized how much of a dumbass i was back then and realized it was only an AOS glitch and i had to lie about something stupid that wasnt present in OpenSpades.

Hi I’m a person. :o :o :o :o :o :o

Imo a lot of former hackers claim abuse because they feel like they’re under scrutiny all the time.

You know,It’s so sad that Pablo has been to the dark side probably.