Post a picture of yourself

Do what the title says. Now.

Lemme start it off with a 1 year old picture of me:

I got my hair cut yesterday, so I look way different. I’ll try to post a newer picture of me soon.

Also, some interesting facts about that picture (these are quotes from a different forum were I posted the picture):

“Fun fact: since it’s so damn hot out here, I was in my underwear, I didn’t have anything else on me”
“Besides, that shot was taken on my houses balcony, so my neighbors would probably wonder what the hell am I doing in underwear with a phone in my hand.”

Now you guys. do eeet




Much different, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

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its kinda big…


buzz if that is you then I’m a muffing alien.

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Slick huh.


Apparently not Senorita Buzzkillo Feminino.

Hey man could have been a trans :o .


That explains it!