Post 5 Facts about You

Here we go! They can be anything you want. One post per person please.

  1. My eyes are amber colored, not brown.
  2. My cat Monster’s fur is ginger, not orange.
  3. I play the guitar
  4. My computer is an 8 core laptop. Yes, they exist.
  5. Sorry Atreyu, I happen to know who Komrude is in real life. He’s a good friend of mine.
  1. I am a biology major
  2. My eyes are blue
  3. I know traditional Uechi-ryu Okinawan karate
  4. I have a female cat named Miley
  5. I am an admin

1.My highest test score ever was 122/100
2.My lowest quiz score ever was 42/100
3.My cat is a hairless sphinx.
4.I play violin
5.I once stayed awake for about 36 hours straight

  1. I have a curse, called allergies! So yeah. no cats for me :c
  2. I have no idea what my computer stats are
  3. I am horrible at math
  4. I forget names and faces easily
  5. I spend as much time as I can on my computer
  1. I don’t like questionnaires
  2. I don’t like posting things about me on the internet
  3. I’m not an admin
  4. I hate single player games
  5. I don’t have a cat )’:

Very funny, Torch

If you post again you have to list another 5 facts… .-.

  1. I’m not Australian.
  2. I value honesty.
  3. I like foods that have a crunch.
  4. Torch is not my real name.
  5. I find 5 facts to be too many.

Pl0x don’t turn this into spam. It’s not supposed to be another shit thread.

  1. My favorite food is Pop Tarts
  2. Morgan is my favorite Walking Dead character
  3. I don’t use Openspades, stick with 0.75
  4. I have a cat
  5. My cat is black (Ur nur such bad luck)
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I know you don’t like me, but excuse you.

  1. I’m not an administrator.
  2. I don’t have a cat
  3. I’m wondering if these are facts.
  4. I want to murder a specific man in real life.
  5. I hate NS ([Night-Stalkers]).

—>The above is all true<—

I guess I’ll open up a bit

  1. I’m a proud member of the orlando project magic division.
  2. I have a girlfriend who I care for a lot
  3. I have an angry side (Whole different personality actually which takes a lot for it to come out (hasn’t happened yet))
  4. I am an Archer
  5. I’m part American, part Canadian, and Part Ukrainian
  1. I’m using the internet right now
  2. I have an account on
  3. I go to school
  4. I dislike cake
  5. I’m white
  1. I have gray eyes .
  2. I like to sleep.
  3. I don’t know why I’m doing this.
  4. I don’t know what I’m saying.
  5. I like to sleep.

You accidentally turned on the camera on skype once…or was that someone else

Probs cooie or dak tbh.

  1. I had perfect scores in every Math class from Jan 9 - Feb 20.
  2. I play lead guitar.
  3. I suck at Rock Band and Guitar Hero.
  4. I’m a sneakerhead
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5. My height is 167cm. I’m short.

I don’t think 5’4" is really considered short. Maybe you’re just around abnormally tall giants. :wink:

You’re actually taller than the average Male height in Bolivia!

“Bolivia 160.0 cm (5 ft 3 in)”

  1. I play piano, (favorite song to play)
  2. I’m excelled in spelling and math.
  3. I play piano, some guitar.
  4. I do International/Traditional Karate.
  5. I’m 6 Foot 3 inches. I’m 14.

167 cm is around 5’5 3/4" and I’m Asian, abnormally tall giants are rare :smiley:

dayum, you make me feel short.

I’m a 5’11" Korean :stuck_out_tongue: