Poll to get crossfire2 back on babel

Last night we tried out a few different babel maps and played a few old babel maps. I stayed up to 4am without realizing it because I was having so much fun. My point is, I want crossfire2 back on the rotation. I don’t really understand why it was ever taken off. It’s a little more high energy than other maps but compared to crossfire3 its not a total clusterfuck piece of shit that discourages building and walking.


For reference:

it’s been a while, i would like to see it back on the rotation list too

You should add a poll here to get everyone’s opinions again.

The first poll had a slight majority of people willing to sacrifice their first born child rather than take crossfire2 out of rotation.

The reference brings up valid points.

  1. Spawning in the water causes damage and is annoying as hell.

Calls for renovations, not deletion.

  1. Its easy to break the tower.

No way! :open_mouth: its a crossfire map. It’s called use your eyes and follow the smg tracers back to the source. Defending a tower! no way! :open_mouth:

  1. You can dig to the enemy’s tower base.

No! Freaking! way! You can dig to the enemy’s tower on babel??! who knew!?

  1. Easy to spawn camp.

If you get flanked on crossfire2 its your own damn fault. build a small defensive wall to spawn peacefully or get gud and just idk fight back?

I’m lazy, so I like my enemies to come all from one direction. #PPMasterRace

Idk, I would create another poll here again… if only two or three people want it, then there is no point even discussing it, but if a lot of people want it you should add it back in. If it’s split half and half, then consider adding it with revisions.

I think maybe a break in the two flanks so that it’s harder to use them and you have to build a bridge to cross them would be nice. That way it discourages people from flanking as much, but at the same time it encourages camping. :confused:

I have no idea how to make a poll in the forums… :confused:

Edit your OP.

Lol i understand that much ei8htx. How do?

When you modify your OP, you have the option to add in a poll.

Lol i was looking in the wrong place. thx

topo get in here

bad map dont you dare

Topo have you even played corssfire3?

The poll is about crossfire2 though…

Just sayin. He’s bitching about the wrong map bruh

I’ll just say this before this poll turns into a pointless clusterfuck of angry comments debating on each side.

Everyone is different; everyone is not going to have the same opinion as each other. This means that not everyone is going to like what one likes and dislike what one dislikes. This also means that we should respect each others opinion instead of going at each other without any valid reasons such as this comment:

Instead of just being all sassy and saying what you said above, you could’ve just asked him why he thinks that, or better yet, list your reasons why crossfire 2 and 3 deserves to be put back on the rotation. After all, you are trying to persuade the admins that they should put the map back on the rotation; it’s probably a smart idea to not go around throwing saltiness at people.

(The majority also wants the crossfire back in the rotation. Chill the fuck out, my man.)

Thank you sanic for all of your brilliant insight. I’ve learned that you are incapable of a legitimate posts on the forums. You, in fact, don’t use “modify” to add a poll, as that’s exactly what I was trying before your unnecessary comment. I’ve also learned that Topo’s “bad map dont you dare” is a defensible opinion, if not an empty threat, somehow.

A debate is exactly what I was looking for Anonymous. Don’t mistake my sardonic personality as saltiness.

I just posted that for lols.