Poll on spawnkilling

Pokefan i’m not stealing your conversion i’m doing a poll since you didn’t do one

Thanks man.
Spawnkilling is stupid.

It is annoying but it is a good strategy.

It’s one of those things that isn’t dynamic enjoyment. In a fair firefight, it’s fun for both. The person shooting has fun trying to hit his target, and the person not lucky enough to get a shot off has fun ducking and weaving from cover to cover. In spawn camping, only the shooter is having fun. Boredom shouldn’t be the punishment for spawning.

Two solutions to that

  1. Don’t die
  2. Don’t let people get in your spawn

Guys, get over it. Spawnkilling is and always will be part of AoS.

If you’re going to complain about spawn killing in any FPS it’s just pointless. There are people who will play FPS games to spawn trap and its a tactical part of the game. Of course there are methods to prevent spawn trapping but its not an issue that will be eliminated. If you’re tired of being spawn killed, play something else or come back later when the spawn killers are gone.

I try to avoid spawnkilling when I can, but in gamemodes like infiltration and tug of war, you can’t expect people not to spawnkill.

I have no problem with spawnkilling personally because I am a pretty experienced player and I can usually avoid it, but I remember it really pissing me off when I had just started playing this game, so I have sympathy for your opinion.

My best recommendation is if you want to avoid spawnkilling, play global war… you have a few seconds invincible after you spawn on that gamemode.

In game modes where the goal is to push the enemy team back and hold the map for whatever reason, you expect people to not spawn camp because the other team isn’t good enough to push out?
If you have ever played on a server with a Komrade on each team you will notice that spawncamping rarely ever works because we are too good for it to work.

Just take it and learn to fight back…
Learn to rush…
It is fair because your team let them in to your team’s spawn so live with it. :slight_smile:

That’s almost as bad as saying no camping.

God, if camping weren’t allowed , I’d never get any kills :\

Spawnkilling is the only reason I manage to capture the intel in 1rctf! xD

At least you cap it. I just hate the people who JUST spawnkill and don’t try to actually play the game. AOS is an off-rails FPS, not a shooting gallery people!

It umm… kinda is.