Polaroidon - Banned upon joining (VPN?)

**1) I can confirm I wasn’t vote-kicked

**2) IGN : Polaroidon

**3) Server: AoS AlohaPK Tower of Babel

**4) I was banned immediately upon joining. OpenSpades listen no cause in the GUI, though I just checked my local game logs and found this:

Sat Feb  5 10:58:43 2022  No proxy allowed
Sat Feb  5 10:58:43 2022 ------ World Unloaded ------
Sat Feb  5 10:58:43 2022 Disconnected because of error:
Disconnected: You were kicked from this server.

**5) I don’t use a proxy/VPN. However, my ISP is a cheap one from an electronics store where I live, and I have had strange issues before on websites telling me I’d been previously banned for VPN usage.

That said, I am concerned that if my ban is lifted, it may just end up resulting in another immediate insta-ban next time I try to join babel, due to whatever configuration my ISP has. I have been playing on another server that also seems to have a server script for VPN banning, as I see messages in chat stating players being band for VPN, though I’ve been fine.

**6) Time of ban: Sat Feb 5 10:58:43 2022 (I think this is Japan Standard Time)

Thanks for your time.

Edited to fix a grammatical error.

Hello Polariodon,

We are very sorry about this but yes indeed our system has flagged your IP as Proxy.

I have notified other staff members to make sure you do not get banned next time you join (Tho there is always that slim chance. If you do get banned again for VPN/Proxy please notify us on discord) and also to unban you.

Have a nice rest of the day :slight_smile:

  • DarkNeutrino

Oh wow, thanks so much for the speedy reply, DarkNeutrino.

Sorry for the troubles, and hopefully it won’t be a recurring problem. As I said, I know my ISP has something weird as it’s not the first time I’ve been false-flagged.



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