Please unlock !(

name :sambox^
the reason : With cheats never played it, but it turns out that banyat for the fact that I play very well. In many cases, with the shotgun or the smg, when get just the body was immediately in chat sends messages “aim bot” “F*CK CHEATER!” Even though in my head did not hit (. I always played only on your servers and now I don’t even know where I play, because already for a month or 2 banned (
I don’t remember exactly what I was given a life ban.
But please give me a chance, give me the right to play on your servers .

Sorry if the text will be some mistakes, I’m just a Ukrainian, and English do not know very well.

Hello, I’m the admin who banned you.
I banned you on Sat Feb 23
I can’t remember exact details about your ban but since you’ve been banned for almost 5 months without attempting to evade, I will lift the ban. If you did hack or not (Let’s not argue about this and end it.) Don’t think or even attempt again to hack and you will enjoy the servers.