Please, UNBAN me!

Hey guys, I got banend for no reason.
I was playing and boom, i got banned…
Can u unban me?

Hello VoX, I was the guard who banned you, you know than you was banned before, then please say the truth.

In this video u had no recoil, you can see it in the first part of the video.

-snip-[By: @megastar1] [Time: Sun Nov 19 12:32:41 2017] [Duration: Permanent] [Offense: esp] [IGN: llah_AkBaR-pIg] [Server: arena10_aloha]

And here you was banned again, for other member, how you can explian this?

Moder, i was using openspades… How??

[2017 27 December Wednesday 08:49:01] <arenacs_aloha> VoX running Ace of Spades v0.75.0 on Windows

Why you can’t say the truth? ???

Cuz this month was going a shit… Every day, hackers hackers… /login worked only for 7 days, a lot of false votekicks saying that i was hacking and so on… Idk, i want to say a tip.
Guys, can an admin join everyday?? Cuz sometimes admins dont join. I hope will be more powerfull than now.

You’re wrong, 'cause our guards/mods/admins always are ON, if you need one just type /admin

And… You don’t answer my ask.

However if this game is full of updates, we can play in peace

The only change than we need, is a game without hackers, like you. :slight_smile:

Sorry for using nr

Thanks for accept your error, i’ll talk with a admin about your ban.

I find it ironic, you complain about hackers and in the end you become one of them, your ban will expire within 2 day, I just ask you not to do it again.

I will change this ban to 1 week.


Lel… However i dont have only this game so…
Have a bad day