Please delete this

Please delete this thread, it is no longer needed.

I refuse!

Why? D:

good topic

should be stickied

10/10, would read again.


Move to Front Page News pls

This really changed my mood, thanks!! Sticky needed!!

What’s with all these threads Chappy?


I cant stop laughing X3

WTF?!?! :o

This thread wasn’t even meant to be here. xD

[details=Click for details][shadow=red,left]THIS IS THE PIMPED OUT TEXT!!![/shadow][/details]

Why is this usefull thread not stickied yet?

I dunno, its illogical to not stick this thread.

I love this thread, please stick it, please, i beg you

A thread I made and then decided to move myself. Since I cannot delete threads (including my own), I labelled it something different, asking for someone like a SysAdmin to remove it. This also occurs for the " . " thread. But for some reason people are unwilling to comply, and also like to have a bit of a joke. :wink: