Please 2010...4 year

Name: [DBS]FD God, Old name: [Vera]csabi1999…
i banned in 2010…Global banned… fuh my friend hack, i no, I SWEAR!!! … please unban me pls pls pls pls… i want to play on aloha pk servers… Please help… This Global ban is ****. I’ good player and no hackar… Help!!!

Banned in 2010, wow. That must have been a special cheat that got you banned even before the game got released.

Anyway, for reference these were your previous appeals:


You were caught hacking on multiple occasions, with different names, and you lied about it by blaming a friend.

Aloha isn’t subscribed to the GBL.

lol ,Aloha isn’t subscribed to the GBL., i can join to aloha servers…

No you can’t it would be considered ban evasion if you did, what my fellow admins here are saying is that you were banned on multiple occasions, not globel banned but given the aloha perma special (perma ban) and told “Your not allowed to pass go and your not allowed to collect two hundred” Pretty much what I mean is your not allowed on our servers.

The GBL doesn’t exist anymore.

Aloha has its own banlist. You are banned on the Aloha ban list. You were banned for hacking on aloha servers.

It exists alright, its just it’s not used a lot.

You must appeal using the template on the website above. If you have any questions, ask.