Player Report : gagsta44,cheated at tdm island maps

He cheats.with accuracy of 65%,kills every people who spawn with HEADSHOT,obvious -_-

I don’t see anything wrong with the accuracy even then he could be spawn camping even then this has no evidence what so ever but it can be enough for a tag. Please next time use /admin player server reason please. To top it off please report him in the abuse reports. Not in the what ever forum please. /requesting a move please

P.s. The reason why is because the accuracy script isn’t good at telling if their hacking many good players like the admins can get acc up in the 200 unless there was a patch for it.

Wrong section of the forums to post this.

I said this already

so where?


Please read next time

I got a video of him cheating,if you need it ask me.:slight_smile:

If you can find my hacker place holder topic in the abuse reports and post it there please and nice job >:D

umm,I discovered a kind of cheat…I was in Green team and he was in blue team,his name is Faris…he are killing me every i`m spawning…but I cant fucking see his name in the team scores…

Look closer.

Quick question if you couldn’t see the name then hiw do you know it was him?

Awww cute dragon sniper

if some player killed someonee…thre will be “Player killed Player”…

I thought you said you couln’t see his name killing you so hiw did you know it was him. Without soilid proof all i can think of is “spawncamper” Not a hacker