Pixelation Picture Game

Welcome to a new game! The point of this game is to guess the celebrity/picture that another person has posted, with pixelation added of course. For example, I would post this picture.


Then, you guys have to guess who the person is! Obviously, this is a picture of the United States President, Barack Obama, so a person would reply with “Barack Obama”.

Easy way to post you pixelated picture:
1. Go To: LunaPic.com Photo Editor tool
2. Click on Browse:

3. Upload a photo from your Pictures folder.
4. Once uploaded, click on Adjust, then Pixelate.
5. Adjust the amount of pixels it will be, and make sure the picture is still recognizable/not too difficult to guess (but not too easy) ;).
6. Once you have found the perfect pixel quantity, MAKE SURE to press Apply.

7. After that, press the Imgur button, and copy the Forum Code that will be provided. Then paste it here as your pixelized picture.

Please don’t make it too hard for people to guess it. Also, if we get really stuck, we could give some clues :wink: One more thing, let’s try to guess a picture before we post another one. Now let’s see some creative pixelations, and some good guessing!!!

Let’s get started (with an easy one):


Who is this?




Yep its official, Barron looks sexy in that picture

iron man

Yup Iron Man


Bob the Builder

Here’s an easy one

sonic the hedgehog

Harry Potter



joe biden


Boy…your going to have to confirm this one… This is a wild guess… Justin Bieber? (I’ll just post another until Bob can confirm it)


it’s A Bird… It’s A Plane… It’s Superman



Thor. Someone else can post a picture.

Lol, Nyan cat

Lol, love the Nyan cat.



At school ill post a image later

Chewbacca is correct!!! I guess chewbacca is a type of bigfoot… Soooo yes to both xD

Eh remember to post your own pic so that others have the opportunity to guess too.