Pixel art thread

Post any screenshots if you see anyone building any sprites in game. For example, this is what I have made not too long ago:

PIXSWA%201.bmp (1.37 MB)

PIXSWA%202.bmp (1.37 MB)

PIXSWA%203.bmp (1.37 MB)

PIXSWA%204.bmp (1.37 MB)

PIXSWA%205.bmp (1.37 MB)

Cool, Nice job!

Woah how long did it take you??

That was pretty sweet. I got a screencap of it too:

too wide, don’t wanna stretch screen

Ugh, 5th gen :confused:

now that's art!

hard to believe you made it in a live game… nice work.

there's some little stuff in this thread:

and i'm attaching two more… i don't know who made any of it.

[i]That is pretty cool Izzy. I should save one sometime soon if it appears good to me. xD

@ Ryu it took me no less than one hour. I had the patience and I had to kick people who were to grief.
Also, a person named Shell was trying to outbuild what I made; they made a fox on the Blue side of the map.[/i]

Well I don’t know if this is pixel art, but its the best I can make it because someone before did it. I just added to it and made it pretty.

Example-Horrible Right?


[i]That is pretty cool. I saw the second one while I was playing.

Here I am again taking some time to get this one done.[/i]


wow mut impressive

Mutanibomb, You are the Best Pokemon AoS Builder if I do say so myself

100% Legit Art:



Well, that’s it… Filled the blue side with pink polka dots :smiley:

One more of Bob’s art:

Thats cool.You should’ve just put random colours and fill the whole blueside with random colours.

Pinks just swagtastic though

[i]Hey thanks Izzy! Also, I saw the pile of pink blocks.

So, while those were still there, I made the Birdo Bistro:[/i]

BOB!!! I thought we were friends :frowning: And I tried to clean that purple block spam :stuck_out_tongue:



I got bored.