Pihk wun

Yeah. Pokemon, LoZ, Mario, Star Fox. Pihk.

Grew up with pokemon :smiley:

Pokemon “Gotta catch em’ all”
Btw, you have a Turtwig as an avatar so I’m guessing you like Pokemon?

Fork yes.

I watch Pokemon every now and again but I never really got into it but I love the show in general.

I love the original theme, shame they replaced it when it was brought overseas to America (not saying “I Wanna be the Very Best” wasn’t good, though!)

I like the Battle Frontier theme song :stuck_out_tongue:

Pokemon went to poop after Diamond and Pearl imo…

My favourite series would have to be the battle frontier series.I like the Black and White series too but not as much as battle frontier.It had heaps of awesome battles.I liked the water and fire fusion double battle.

I picked Pokemon. Best games were the GB and GBC games after that Gen III is decent and the Pokemon started being designed lazily. Gen IV started over designing but there was a good point in gen IV the split between physical and special. Gen V Pokemon are atrocious and shame many old Pokemon fan. I collect Pokemon cards too and again all of the Pokemon cards were decent to amazing until this gen. This gen Pokemon cards are atrocious most really rare cards are 3D by 5ban Graphics instead of 2D by different artist. My favorite Pokemon card artist is probably Kawayoo.

As for Zelda it used to be really good until the Wii simply because I don’t like moving my arms around when I play video game. I prefer to be relaxed not to mention it was more linear than any Zelda before. Even a lots of it’s part are worst than Twilight Princess wolf parts.

Nintendo still make great 2D Mario games but their 3D Platformer are extremely bad they only did Mario 64 right ever since they keep removing move from the 3D Mario games what is amazing about Mario 64 is how you can parkour and collect Stars in unintended ways. Speaking about Mario I really hated Mario Kart Wii and I think they should have made a game about Bike instead of forcing Mario Karts fan to use Bikes.

Never really was a fan of Star Fox. I did enjoy playing Star Fox 64 but since then I only had fun with Multiplayer Star Fox Assault.

Pokemon Red. First one. Best one.

Pokemon WAS good… now today it just got really bad around the 5th gen.

I think they just ran out of ideas to use in the episodes, the episodes now tend to suck.

lol they ran out of ideas and names for the new pokemon. next theres going to be chairsard, tablemon, lightbulbus, flooria, broomachu, and squirtlbottle. xD ;D

I’ve never really been a fan of the Zelda games.

But I liek Pokemon AND Star fox! :frowning: