Petition to remove the anonymous section (AGAIN)

Look its interesting and all but its full of bullcrap and immature behavior. I’m petitioning to have it removed because it is a reasonable suggestion, and this is a (Sort of) democracy based community where we get involved.

Last time I asked iz directly he said no

why not just collapse it and leave it that way? hard to get annoyed by threads you can’t see
just hit the +/- sign next to Unread Posts

It’s a petition, not a presidential vote. I’m just seeing what the community agrees with.

Yes, I know what you said, but I will throw in some pennies.

While I agree with you that the Anonymous section is quite ugly and full of kids or trolls that fuck around for lols (I admit, some posts I posted to troll there), it does not mean that you are required to visit the page. No one is. This point was emphasized by lots of other admins back when all the unnecessary drama was going on. And they are mostly correct. The only reason why I am saying mostly is because of the fact that curiosity sometimes gets the better of you to look into Anonymous section, but otherwise, they are 100% right about telling people not to go to Anonymous section if they don’t want to read, participate, or fuck around in the drama mess that happens in Anonymous section.

you wanna get spammed in skype again i see

anon section is great because it’s basically bns drama without having to go to bns

Screw your skype spamming terror attacks.

There is no such anonymous section.

Wherever I post is the Anonymous section.

Then this is also YOUR section.

Just let it be.

Call it a forumn you are not responsible for. Doesn’t have to be moderated and like they said, creates a ventilation release for those who wish to use it, as it was intended.

This thread is pretty pointless Monsta, as Pun said, let them vent out their anger.

I disagreed. Mad pun has mentioned, you’re not needed to visit there. Although I have a question, what if Monstarules needs to post an off topic thread he’ll go to that part of the forum right? And he will see a lot of disliked stuff there. So he has a point. But that point is covered because admins do not moderate the piece of the forum (i guess lol).

I vote yes for it to be removed. Sure it lets people “vent”, but who really finds the need to vent from ace of spades? Like wut? Also, we have enough “keyboard warriors” as it is. Everyone acts all tough and says stupid things they never would in real life just because they think they are invincible. Make it so their username doesn’t even show up and it’s even worse lol. I don’t really care either way, but I find the section to be a waste of time and space, but as others have said I just don’t go there.

I.I how dare you outsmart my logic. ;-;

We can let it rot on it’s own.