PETITION FOR J.S. Bach 's House

BACH HOUSE WEIMAR instead of a “UNESCO World Heritage Car Park”!

“Up to the present day, the life and work of Johann Sebastian Bach has not received the appropriate acclaim within the cosmos of great spirits that frequented the European Cultural City of Weimar.
The foundations of his home and the original Renaissance vaulted cellar have been preserved underground and placed under heritage protection – but are yet still inaccessible.
This is the only at least partially existing and, among all the Bach cities, the only location proven by records to have been a place where Johann Sebastian Bach composed and lived that has survived to the present day.
In the meantime, for the past 24 years, this location – in the centre of the World Culture City of Weimar and in the midst of UNESCO World Heritage – has been being used as a car park!”

Sign this petition at and help to preserve the historical background of one of the greatest composers.


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