Permission to join Aloha servers? [LinktersHD]

Hello Aloha,

It has been around a year ago since i last joined your servers. The last time i joined your server i was banned for evading a perma ban and aimboting. I think you know my background about what i have done in the past and what i did. I was wondering if you could consider me being allowed to join the Aloha servers again? I’ve matured now and i’m not the guy who i use to be. I have had time to reflect on my actions which i had done in the past and i do regret wasting your time by aimbotting, evading bans and making peoples experience bad while joining the Aloha servers.

If you could let me join the Aloha servers that would be great. I don’t aimbot now and i have no intention of doing so, i have learnt that it ruins the fun of playing the game which is so vital in Ace of Spades.

If you could consider letting me join again that would be nice.


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i hope the others are as willing as i am to give you one more chance…

Why do you want to come back? I thought you had 1.0

I do have 1.0 but there has been a steady decline of players, though i till play on monthly basis. I find 0.75/0.76 more enjoyable because there is much more freedom in what there is. For example there are server scripts which are fun, more game-modes and better maps. Also because it is free i’m able to play with my friends and just have a laugh.

Thank you Izzy, that is very kind of you :smiley: I’ll wait to see what the others say.

This particular ban appeal is being discussed amongst the staff.

I highly suggest you not do anything to jeopardize your already extremely thin chances of getting unbanned in the meantime.

So you just get tired of 1.0 and choose to get back to 0.7’s comunity after all you’ve done? Do you have no shame?
And what is it with wanting to play on aloha? there are tons of other servers out there whose admins can’t even imagine the things you’ve done.

Firstly, i’m not here just to join the community, i never even stated that, i just want to play Ace of Spades and play with people. I do plan in helping in the community more though by making a remake of Nuketown which i made.
I want to play on the Aloha servers because unlike other servers they are highly maintained, have respected admins and have a good range of maps.

You sound confident, good luck with that.

I’m all for you rejoining the community; I actually noticed your remake of the Nuketown map today as I loaded it up on my server to test it out. I was like, Linkters… I know him :stuck_out_tongue:

As for you getting over hacking, I trust you 100% and hope you will be able to regain everybody’s trust.

mfw a pest vouching for a pest

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Thank you, I’m not going to hack ever again and as you said, i would like to be able to regain everybody’s trust as that is one of the key reason whether i get unbanned or not.

First of all, technotim, you are NOT supposed to post in others’ ban appeals unless you’re involved or a staff member. Please stop spamming pointless posts on other people’s appeals. Your opinions are NOT going to give any positive effect to the current appealing party. It might make it worse even.

Now, back on track;

I will admit that I slightly believe you’re not going to hack again but to me, slightly just doesn’t cut it. From what I’ve seen on these posts and memories of past discussions of you, Linkster, you’re not very popular and like SnIpEr said; shameless. The way you made this appeal really felt casual and you didn’t put much effort into it. All I could get from this is ‘1.0 is boring, I’ma make a half-ass appeal and get unbanned from 0.75.’ along with ‘maybe a few months away means they have forgotten the shit I’ve done’.

I may sound harsh but it really does felt that way to me. Unless you could show effort in your future replies, my impression remains below neutral and slightly within the shallows of voting ‘No’.

In order to try to convince most of the staff that don’t believe you and to give some proof to those of us who want to give you a chance, you must first show that you mean what you are saying. Be involved with the community. Try to be productive. Show us you have really changed. Simply writing it on the appeal won’t serve you any good. Until this has not happened, it will be unlikely in my opinion that the staff will reach a unanimous decision on your appeal.

I agree that i didn’t properly state my reason on why i wanted to be unbanned, i was in a rush but that is no excuse. I also know that i’ve done terrible things in the past which i find quite shocking and immature of me to do. I’ve had a time to recap on what i’ve done to Aloha and the AoS community in the past and i’m appalled of my actions. I shouldn’t of hacked in the first place. My mindset was “If i show that i’m a good player then i can be an admin on and also show that i’m good”. This was an absurd mindset to have, but i was young and immature and just wanted to prove my-self. Before i even hacked i use to always go on the AoS mumble server i play with people. I was quite new to the game but i was becoming fond to the game and to the community. I knew hacking was wrong and that it completely ruins peoples experience, but i wasn’t thinking about the players, i was just thinking about me.

Firstly i don’t “always” find 1.0 boring. I like to have some diversity when playing games. 0.75 and 1.0 have different play-styles and mechanics, so if i’m in the mood to be more tactica (Also have some fun)l then i would play 0.75. While if i’m playing 1.0 i’ll be looking more around to have some fun and try and shoot things (not be so serious).

Moving on, on why i want to be unbanned from Aloha. As stated in the previous posts i find Aloha servers very enjoyable and have a good experience with them in the past. The reason i’m asking to be unbanned is because i really do enjoy the Aloha servers and the community. Your servers are the best out there because you take the time to choose the maps, scripts and admins. These 3 ingredients make a lovely servers which people are fond of. I can’t really say anything else to backup my appeal as i’ve aimbotted, I can only assert you that i won’t hack again and never do what i did in the past again.

It was right of you global banned me when i first hacked and i do deserve the punishment. It’s up to you if you should allow me to join your servers again, but i promise that i will never do such a thing ever again (repition :confused: ).

Thank you for your thoughts. I’ll try and show myself that i want to be part of this community and be more involved. I’ll do the best i can that i’ve changed.

You’re not gonna convince me with words.

I can’t really convince people considering what i’ve done in the past. I can only assure you :confused:

And really we don’t want assurances, we want security. To be honest given your history and reputation you are going to need a fucking miracle to convince a lot of the staff here you have indeed changed and will not return to what you seemed to know best: Taking the piss and hacking. Two things that aren’t welcomed warmly by the staff here. Many times you have been assigned “one last chance” and here we are again with you wanting another after abusing the other. How many more did you really think you had? You have manipulated, deceived, conned, hacked, lied, lied further and overall destroyed a lot of hope anybody ever had of you redeeming yourself. Personally, given your past I wouldn’t even consider falling for “one last time” regardless of much you said you were immature or sorry. You abused the system and you have been punished accordingly. If you really had changed you would never have come back and accepted your punishment as a grown up because the lesson to be learnt is your actions lead to consequences.

That’s why I don’t believe you should ever, ever be unbanned for anything you did.

You must take a test of trust to be unbanned… 0-0

Please do not post nonsense on ban appeals unless you have something worthy to say.

My thoughts:

Overall some of the people admining servers seem to have grudges and at times I think those grudges are unfounded. This might be one of those cases. So what that a few years ago some little kid was acting like an annoying little kid. That kid is a little bit older now, he might not act like a 12 year old anymore.

I think he should be unbanned and given a chance, if he screws up so what. it takes only a small amount of your time to reban him.