Past Mistakes

Was your ban a vote-kick or a real ban?
It was a real ban.

What was your IGN?
Most likely Sarim at that time or Hoxton. I had a few others which i can not recall but i only used them for short periods (~1-2hours).

What server were you playing on when you got banned?
Arena CS maps, the latest ban for me.

Why were you banned?
For glitching primarily.

Why should you be unbanned?
I do not know if my ban was permanent or my dynamic IP address caused me to play again but I started to play Ace of Spades regularly after 5-7 months after I got banned.This appeal is sort of an apology for me not making a ban appeal way before than I should have so lets get started.

I’ve been playing for AoS for almost a half decade but I have taken many long session breaks during this course. During many months before I started playing AoS again, I saw many new stuff going on. Primarily which interested me were people jumping above structures which could not be glitched through by any regular means. I tried to glitch my way to get there as much as i could but received no luck in that department (although i still glitched in csitaly and dedust2 when I had the chance) So I went towards the respective website (I think every admin would’ve now known about that website) and found a completely new software for AoS hacks. Out of curiosity, i tried it out and it seemed boring at first because it was not the program I was looking for and many of its functions were completely useless at that time but after experimenting with it, i found the so called famous hack super-jump and i started using it like wildfire in Cs Maps. I knew the rule that glitching was not allowed in general but i still went for it and using it and as unnoticeable by anyone. Using the newly founded hack to get on top of stairs faster/getting of the roof of cs_militia/having a faster headstart in every map, I used it to gain a pretty hefty starting/efficiency advantage. (But my reign of terror and friendship ended) after MaZDaU saw me using super-jump on Cs maps and respectively, banning me. Yes, I also admit that I ban evaded the first-third day after I got banned but instead of becoming a full dick hacker, I decided to leave AoS for quite a while since I had to hide my identity and not being known by many of my friends which seemed pretty sad and boring for me. Now here I am writing this appeal for my past malicious acts in order to get rid of the slight guilt on me that I dodged the Aloha Community and being sincerely sorry for the trouble and frustration I caused for the player-base of Cs maps back then.

Honestly speaking, I do not know what will happen now because this may lead me to a ban or Aloha would allow me to play on their servers as normal but I have proven my innocence towards the player-base that I do not hack anymore and have made many new friends after I came back.(I am still sincerly sorry about bringing such a dead topic up but I wanted to properly apologize to Aloha about my wrong-doings.)

When were you banned?
6-7 months ago or maybe even more because I cant remember how long it has been.

I think I found your ban. If so i’ll contact your banning admin. Do you recall if you were using a regular isp or a cellular isp?

Hello Sarim,

I am the admin who banned you from Arena CS (one of our famous) server. Let me introduce you about aloha. We are very easy going group and willing to forgive anyone who come forward and admit their wrong doing. We believe in second chance, and forgive many appeals.

I am very happy that you came forward and admitted your guilt. I am willing to give you a chance to play again. Please delete all of hack trace first and then i will lift your ban.



Sorry for the late reply, I forgot my aloha pass on my phone and was too busy to get on my pc last night, and as per your question, those hacks aren’t in my pc anymore and I wont use them anymore for unfair play.

“Do you recall if you were using a regular isp or a cellular isp?”
I was using another modem internet package from another company when i was banned that time and after that , i upgraded my internet to 8mbps from another telecommunication company, so that is probably why it changed. Also, in Pakistan, dynamic IP is very common than static IP connection.


I am very happy to see you promise not to hack again and your pc is clean. I am going to give you another chance to play and your ban is lifted. Please remember this is your only chance to get lifted and if any of aloha staff who catch you cheating again, then this ban will be reinstate.

Play fair and enjoy the fun.