1) Votekicks last only 30 minutes. Did you wait at least 30 minutes to make sure your “ban” is not just a votekick?

  1. What is your in-game player name? Please include it in the subject of this topic as well.[/b]
  2. What server were you playing on when you got banned? Reminder: We can only help you with bans that took place on servers.[/b]
    At the time I got banned, I wasnt playing

4) Why were you banned? Lying severely decreases your chances of getting unbanned. If your “little brother” got you banned, tell him to make an appeal, or accept responsibility on his behalf.
Cheat ESP/Aimbot/NR
Also I did ban evade for the past hour

5) Why should you be unbanned?

Long story, and I may seem stupid here… If you don’t want to read that all, skip to the smiley that isnt smiling

Maybe 2 months ago : I logged in by accident and the ratio I was building on the Aloha Highscore (was around 3.75 at that time) got fucked up while I was casually playing and I noticed like a week after. So I was a bit upset because thats like a stupid occurrence… I choosed to not mind and ask an admin about that later
Later : Was casually playing again, and Nathan logged in, it was around 3 or 4 AM. I switch in spec team and we talked a bit about that, I asked him if he could remove my kills and my deaths so my ratio would be 3.75 again, he answered that this was impossible, so I thought about another solution
Maybe 3-2 weeks ago : Ive got an idea, I asked my brother and took his computer. I logged both his and mine client on an empty server (MINIFUN) and I started killing him repeatedly. Then I thought that it was taking a bit of time, so I downloaded a .dll and injected it so I wouldnt waste too much time doing this boring thing
Today : I logged in as usual, started to play, and que (“spade :relaxed:” ingame) asked me “what happened?” I wasnt getting it so I asked him wtf he was talking about and he says that I no longer seemed to be Trusted so I checked out and that was right so I was a bit surprised and I sent private message to Nathan & Colorpinpoint here on the forum. Then I got back on babel and Newage was there, we talked for like 10mn in french for me to explain him the whole thing, and he told me that I was banned for cheat, what I still didnt understand because I didnt remember even playing yesterday (as my ban is dated from yesterday). Then we were talking and I remembered, so I told him the whole story.
So Im sorry that I did ban evade, but when I managed to log in, the client didnt send me any message like “Banned” and I was able to log in without any problem, thats why I evaded, I didnt knew I was banned…

:frowning: Im going to tell you facts : I cheated, and I admit it. I searched for other solutions before doing it, it didnt pleasure me to do it. I made sure that the server was empty. The other player (Ice Cube) has the same IP that me, which can confirms that it was my brother computer. He was fully consenting, he was willing to do this for me, so the cheat wasnt fooling anyone. I could have killed him without cheat but it was basically taking too much time, I used it only to gain time and to repair a stat error. I wouldnt have used it on a regular server like Babel with other players, because it could have been annoying or harmful to them, im not a cheater and I wasnt (and Im still not) willing to cause any trouble to any player. Proof of that : another player logged on MINIFUN and I disconnected / connected back so the hack wouldnt be effective anymore.
The logs can corroborate what Im saying here.

6) When were you banned? Best approximate date and time, please.

idk, 3 weeks ago I guess


I am the admin who banned you from mini server. The server had couple of players at the time you was recorded and you got off before I was able to ban you. According to what you said, “I made sure that the server was empty”, when I caught you, the server were not. Meaning you cheated multiple times.

Aloha is always believe on the second chance for anyone who admitted their wrong doing, apologized, and promise not to hack again. Before we are moving onto new chapter, I want you to delete all of hacking tools first, and then I will make give you another chance.



I did

I promise I won’t fall into such a stupid situation again, I got the lesson
I think I asked my brother to continue for me while I was taking a shower or smt like this, because I only remember playing this one map of the MINIFUN rotation where there is like a central bridge with blocks all around (a very small map) and there was only Ice Cube and this guy I told you in the appeal that logged in for maybe 10mn. When the map ended, I went away from my computer and I asked him to do it for me

PS: well at least thats how I remember things, but I don’t know the name of the map, I only know that this is a camel/green tone map, with trees around the place
PS2: I suppose this thing trashed my guard apply, didnt it ?

Maybe for the time being. But believe it or not, some of the staff were once hackers at one point in time.

but this isn’t the place to discuss it :v

lol no way, i’m too dumb sorry you were just answering my question sorry :v it’s because when i responded i just woke up

Making a ban appeal sucks.


Not trying to bust your balls Pablo but Nathan I don’t know if you were aware of this:

Than you Monsta,

I normally do not have any problem to lift any appeal. That’s the reason why I was hesitate to lift his ban. Topo caught him before and he broke his promise.

Pablo, Give me sometime to think about it.



np i fully understand, but please just make sure to consider that the context was totally different. these 2 things can’t be compared since in this case, i would have preferred to get my original ratio back by removing those kills and deaths from me instead of having to bring it back to level by myself

@monsta, in your drama topic you said yourself that you had already seen players in game who had already done as much as 7 ban appels, and in contexts very different from mine i guess

hi Pablo,
Nathan has asked me to delete your stats, but instead, for now, i’ve marked your account as one used to cheat and removed all of your kills. we can’t condone cheating on our servers even if it’s only between you and your brother. it’s unfair to everybody who tracks their statistics legitimately if you use cheats to build yours up, or even if you use an empty server to farm kills with a friend, which is why i’ve left your deaths as they were. Nathan will decide where to go from there.

i really hoped you wouldn’t cheat again, and i didn’t think you would. i’m disappointed that you seem to think that you had a good reason this time too. using an aimbot is never okay.

Thanks Topo.


Your ban is lifted. You are free to play again, be sure never ever cheat again.

Enjoy the fun and play fair.


@Nathan thanks a lot, won’t deceive you

@topo lol

firstly, i did not build my stats up, but brought them back to their original level, which in my point of view is very different
secondly, am i really going to keep that HACKER mark 4ever ? and is that fair to delete kills and not deaths… i would have been okay if you deleted all stats, i think i deserve it but deleting kill & not deaths seems unfair to me, did you did this in every other hacker case ?
you’re acting like I’m owing every of my kills to hack when it’s absolutely not the case

I’m not an admin, but a word of advice. You’re lucky you got unbanned at all.

exactly you are not. but yeah I’m lucky and I’m also thankful to Nathan because he gave me a third chance.
but it is quite humiliating to be marked as an hacker, and I hope that all the others who did more than one ban appeal are getting the same treatment, with the whole HACKER mark / unbalanced stats thing

how? stats will naturally go up and down on their own. cheating because you don’t like the number next to your name doesn’t seem very different to cheating for any other reason to me.

secondly, am i really going to keep that ****HACKER**** mark 4ever ? and is that fair to delete kills and not deaths... i would have been okay if you deleted all stats, i think i deserve it but deleting kill & not deaths seems unfair to me, did you did this in every other hacker case ? you're acting like I'm owing every of my kills to hack when it's absolutely not the case
you'll keep the hacker mark until/unless a sysadmin or a kahuna decides to remove it. i'll end up removing it if i feel like you no longer deserve it, but that isn't going to be soon, so either hope someone is a little more forgiving or just deal with it for now. i think it's entirely fair to delete your kills and not your deaths, which is why i did it. i chose to do it specifically because i knew it would be an actual punishment in your eyes. i wouldn't have done it if it had been your first time cheating, or if you hadn't been cheating specifically for stats. does simply resetting your stats and unbanning you honestly seem more fair? i haven't personally done this to anybody else, but [url=]it[/url] [url=]doesn't[/url] [url=]seem[/url] [url=]uncommon[/url]. you'll live.

I remembered that recent time when we recently played 1 versus 1 with rifle . And I distinctly noticed that you are not clean, cause kills were going one by one in your favor in the most suspicious manner. And you told me that you do not cheat, implying that every kill was made by your “perfect” skill. Now my doubts have been confirmed, thank you.
I am disappointed, Pablo. :-\

@topo consequences of improving my stats would have been the same if i did not cheat… you actually said it, it is the farming kills thing that is in fact improving them.

@galaxy i can swear to God that i wasn’t cheating during the 1v1. I play since 5 years, believe it or not but i wasn’t cheating ! im not part of the aloha community since a long time but i did 2 ban appeals and these were the 2 single times that i cheated there. i swear to God for real man, then if you don’t trust me i cannot do anything more but telling you to ask Newage about that, he already spectated me more than once
also i didn’t said “perfect” skills but you know what ? playing this game for years give you some reflex and natural experience, any old player can confirm that

Take care, Man. I don’t want to lose you in our ranks.

lmao what ¿?