Outrageous lies about the person above you

Here is a forum game in which you will battle to out-lie and out-slander your opponents.

Of course, this is done with “RESPECTFUL” intentions as to not violate Izzy’s Guidelines of Aloha

Asame compassion for dogs is extraordinarily superior than towards cats. In fact, Asame intentionally holds contempt towards any cat or cat owner she sees.

Wtf this game apparently was too much. please close this.

Asame loves her cats medium-rare.

Jedelas’ first and favorite anime was Bico no Pickle.


Princess Flowers loves to smell rafflesias (corpse flower).

Asame wants James Soong to win the Election of 2016.

chpE hacked this page in order to get 4k kills

Dosss killed senpai (and liked it)

Asame is as kawai as me.

Jedelas are you trying to say that I may even MORE kawaii than you by implying that “Asame = Jedelas” is false so therefore “Asame > Jedelas”??

Jedelas is super nice!


Dang. It backfired.

Jedelas is not kawaii nor loveable

Dosss wrote a lengthy negative review for Little Inferno on Steam.

Asame is American. Also, he (or she, I dunno) sapped my sentry on 2fort yesterday. It costed 400,000 dollars to build it. :frowning:

Sanic has a criminal record that began during preschool. Further investigations show that he was detained for resisting a rest.

That’s… Actually true. I almost got to jail when I was 8.